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"John Rice [...] steals the show. He’s got presence, and he looks completely comfortable in front of the camera. [...] After a showing like this, I’d love to see him tackle some bigger roles."

-Matt Molgaard, Horror Freak News

"Rice delivered on all cylinders in this role."

-Lacey Lou,

"John Rice gives a fascinating performance as the psychic, subtly changing emotions from the moment he greets the businessman and throughout their meeting."

-Joseph Perry, Gruesome Magazine

"John Rice’s screenplay cleverly presents the proceedings on the night of the wife’s disappearance in a manner that would require spoiling the short. Suffice it to say that the screenplay finds a terrific balance between the past and present, as the encounter between the two men is every bit as gripping as what transpired on that night."

-Joseph Perry, Gruesome Magazine

"It’s wonderful how the writer [Rice] and director [Lovette] made me ask these questions, which showcases how talented they are."

-Stephen Harper, The Slaughtered Bird

"The performances by Mr. Rice and Mr. Rey are spot on. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife."

"I'm looking forward to seeing what Rice and Lovette have up their collective sleeves, because they are talents to keep an eye on!"

-Mike Hansen,

"Watching [Rice and Rey] play off of one another proved to be one of the most compelling parts of the short, even though a good portion of the run time was devoted to flashbacks. Those moments where we were in the present were pure gold..."

-Nightmarish Conjurings

"This script handles the portrayal of its mental health issues, trauma, and Dissociative Identity Disorder very deftly. The subject matter feels deeply grounded in the characters' emotions, and they come across as realistic and authentic. This story has a lot of heart."


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